Organic Herb Blend for Birds and Parrots All Natural Healthy Treat for Parrots Organic Healthy Herb Salad For Parrots.

6 oz

16 Healthy Herbs 100% safe for Parrots and Birds

You may use this Herb Blend in wet or freeze dry chop. Just sprinkle over chop. May be offered in a separate food bowl as well and allow Birds to just pick at it over the day.
This blend is 100% safe and organic for all type of species.
any questions please feel free to contact me.

Red Clover Tops
Echinacea Herb
Dandelion Leaf
Yarrow Flower
Milk Thistle Seed Powder
Astralagus Root
Marshmallow Root
Barberry Root
Olive Leaf
Pau d' Arco
Alfalfa Leaf
Raspberry Leaf
Passion Flower
Lemon Balm

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