Is your bird Plucking?

Let me start by saying "I am sorry" I know how frustrating this could be! So, let's get right to it and dive into what we can do to help!

First of all if the birdie has been to an Avian Vet and there is no underlying issue, let's begin dissecting the issue. If your birdie has NOT been to the vet, then please please start by making an appointment with an Avian Vet near you as there could be deficiencies causing this behavior.


This is an easy one to spot! Is your female nesting? looking for dark places? Have you seen your bird rubbing up on you, toys etc? Is your birdie trying to feed you or toys? 

These are things you need to pay attention to and remove toys, leave birdie alone and not on you all the time, do not pet anywhere below the head. As these things cause frustration to your bird and unfortunately leads them to self mutilating themselves. 

At this point and in any point for that matter, make sure your bird has sufficient toys. Foraging Toys, Shredding Toys, Hidden Treats in something etc. rotate toys to bring in the new and wow factor. 


1 of the most common reasons. Birds are natural foragers, in the wild they forage twice a day. Once in the AM and another in the PM. So my first question is do you provide foraging stimulation?   No need to get so fancy nor complicated I am going to share a couple of ideas. I bought on Amazon a stainless steel bucket which I have attached to the inside of the cage, in there I put crinkled paper and mix in cinnamon, star anise, nuts, foot toys etc.. you pick what will excite your bird and them busy. To let them know that is where they have to go, leave a piece of nut on top very visible to the birdie. (link below)  Another option is saving smaller boxes, shoe boxes, food storage or delivery boxes. And again, fill with paper and put treats or toys inside. Do this twice a day. 

Itchy dry skin: 

Bathe your birdie almost daily as he/she might be itchy. Look for aloe vera bird approved sprays and help misting your baby. 


This is a close second place as to why they pluck. Have you brought a new bird to the home? a new human? Did you move the cages location? What changed?  I know a friend whose female bird wanted to mate with the male bird of the house (both in separate cages but still close by) and started plucking her feathers to the point of mutilation until she found a home with the same species male bird and were put together. She never plucked again.  Did you stop spending time? Did you get a new pet? Change cage location? New family member?  Think back and see what changed. 


Remember they spend a lot of time in their cage, do you change/rotate toys?


What are you feeding your Birdie? Are you making sure they are getting the best possible diet? Chop, seed mix, Sprouting seeds etc? 

If you have a plucking birdie and would like some help, please contact me as I am doing a test trial on some special food and tea and would like to offer some in exchange for feedback.

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Till next time my friends!